Beat The Bahrain Heat Indoors

The 21st of June marks the official start of summer but if you live in the GCC you’ll have been lamenting a cooler time, months ago, with the rising humidity and hearing every passing stranger remark that “summer is definitely here already”. With that sad fact now a harsh reality for us here in the Middle East, the ENTERTAINER are providing you lovely people with ways to beat the heat, head undercover and have fun indoors instead!

The VR Hub: 60Min Oculus Rift

Location: Ozone Entertainment Centre
Estimated Savings: BHD5

Take a break from reality and dive into the virtual world at this cool VR Hub. Take on obstacles and challenges and immerse yourself in another world.

Challenge Chambers: 30Min Trapped Game

Location: Al Raya Mall
Estimated Savings: BHD7

Push yourself to the limit, find the clues and escape the room at this cool group activity that will definitely keep you safe indoors from the scorching sun and give your mind a mental workout.

Adhari Park – Bowling: Individual Game of Bowling

Location: Tubli
Estimated Savings: BHD2

Challenge your friends to a game of bowling and see how many strikes you can get in a row. Bowling equals hours of sun-free fun and who can resist those trendy bowling shoes?

Room 2 Rock: Music Lesson

Location: Adliya
Estimated Savings: BHD15

Find your inner rock star and learn to play that musical instrument you’ve always dreamed of this summer. Use your time wisely, learn something new and the summer will pass in no time.

L’Atelier Art Lounge: Admission

Channel Van Gogh and paint an inspirational masterpiece for your bedroom wall at L’Atelier Art Lounge. Suitable for adults and kids alike, the whole family can get messy and walk away with paint on their nose after a fun afternoon indoors.

Location: Seef Mall
Estimated Savings: BHD4

Summer may make life more difficult for us desert dwellers but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Get out there (or indoors?) this year and see what is on offer.

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