celebrate Eid safely with our fabulous top tips!

celebrate eid

Ramadan has been quite different with social distancing limiting the usual activities that would take place at this time of year. We know it’s been challenging but we’re going to give you some tips to celebrate Eid safely and mark the end of Ramadan.

We want you to be as safe as possible while still being able to create a meaningful Eid for yourself and your family. There is a multitude of things you can do to help you feel closer to loved ones and we’re going to list them all neatly below to give you ideas on how to navigate Eid during lockdown!

First up…get prepared

You might not be able to have a crazy huge party and invite everyone over but there is no reason you can’t spruce up your house or still buy gifts for people. Especially for the family that lives with you. A tidy house equals a tidy mind in our books and there is nothing like having a clean space to put you in a good mood!

Also, we know Eid is time for gift giving so you can even order flowers to your loved ones to maintain social distancing or look at online gift stores to send cakes, presents or even e-greetings to spread the love.

Next step…decorate!

Go crazy and get balloons, banners, confetti for the table, fairy lights, lanterns….if you can think of it, then do it. Being at home while celebrating doesn’t have to be boring and the more decorations you add, the more you will feel the spirit of Eid and enjoy the celebration just that little bit more. It’s a fun way to celebrate Eid safely!

celebrate eid safely

Dress to impress

There is no rule that says you can’t wear your best, most fancy clothes at home. In fact, while we’re all spending most of our time in the house, we think it’s important to get dressed up, do your hair and make yourself feel fabulous. Eid is the perfect time for this and we think we all deserve to feel a bit special right now, don’t you?

celebrate eid safely

Order in!

Eid is all about food. Cooking is a huge part of that and we encourage you to get in that kitchen and cook up a storm but have you thought about ordering in for your Eid feasts? Why not get a huge selection of desserts and cakes to make your table look pretty and delicious. Make Eid special and take some time back for yourself by cutting a corner or two and ordering some food instead. You know it makes sense.

Connect digitally

Having parties, hugging loved ones and making memories are all part of a traditional Eid experience. It’s heartbreaking that this year, you can’t do that but we’re all about silver linings here at the ENTERTAINER! We live in a digital age and online parties are the perfect way to celebrate Eid safely. Set up that Zoom call, invite all your friends and family and party long into the night.

Play games and share music…

So, you’ve got a Zoom call set up. You have food prepared and you’re all dressed up to impress on camera. Now what….well, we think you should play a game! Charades is an easy one to get going or you can play Pictionary. The possibilities are endless for online gatherings as long as you have a little bit of imagination. You can even do murder mystery nights and really get into character with some fancy dress.

Something else we love is sharing playlists. If you or someone in your party has Spotify, you can all add some songs to a playlist for your little get together. It’ll be just like a real gathering when you’re all fighting over who gets to play the next song…except it’ll be from afar.

celebrate eid safely

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