5 inspo accounts for post-covid travel plans!

post-covid travel plans

Here at the ENTERTAINER, checking in on our favourite Instagram travel accounts has almost become a daily routine since the freedom to travel has been taken away. Travel bloggers provide us with a sneak peek into their lives, like a little digital postcard of inspirational adventures from all over the world – and we love it! Especially now we’re all day-dreaming of post-covid travel plans.

post-corona travel

Who else is going to be this excited when they can finally travel?

If you’re in search of travel inspiration to give you that extra push to book your next trip, check out these 5 Instagram accounts:

For A Family Getaway – @thebucketlistfamily

Garrett and Jessica sold everything they had to embark on an adventure around the world with their three kiddos. After being in lockdown this sounds like a fantastic idea to us, don’t you agree? Get your daily dose of good vibes and the best destinations to travel with your little ones! Family (and vacation) goals, we say.

The Power Duo – @xkflyaway

Contemplating a second honeymoon or planning the next romantic getaway for you and your sweetheart as soon as airports are back in action and you can make your post-covid travel plans? Let Xavier and Katie inspire you as they sail through the seas of Thailand and marvel at the skyscrapers of Dubai.

Discover Your Inner Yogi – @kevindhofer

Solo traveller, Kevin, is always on the move (literally) – he practices yoga amongst some of the most beautiful nature spots around the world. This yogi turned world traveller will captivate you on a spiritual level – just enough to inspire your next trip to Bali. Now picture yourself posing against a backdrop of paddy fields when we can all forget corona ever happened. Omm…

 Luxury Meets Adrenaline – @adventurefaktory

Based in Dubai, dynamic duo Mitch and Thuymi don’t hold back on chasing thrilling experiences. This active couple often travel around the globe to showcase their exciting and adrenaline-inducing outdoor adventures -but they still know how to treat themselves (think resorts in the Maldives!). The best of both worlds!

Give Back To The Community – @smallworldtraveller

Canadian traveller, Josh, shares a better way to travel. We love the fact that he’s a part of the “GiveBack GiveAway” project – a charity organisation that builds houses and schools for kids. Travelling for a good cause doesn’t get any better than this and perhaps you can add this to the bucket list of things to do when you can eventually board a plane.

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