You’ve Got A Friend In Me On International Friendship Day!

What would life be without friends? We celebrate with them when things are good and we commiserate with them when things are bad. They pick us up, make us laugh, keep us company and help us create memories for life. That’s why, for International Friendship Day, we thought we’d take a look into the friendship of two of our awesome colleagues, Jola and Lara!

We all need a friend or two in life and at the ENTERTAINER, we like to consider ourselves a family, so it’s no surprise really that we form firm friendships in the office while doing what we love! Read on to discover what brought Jola and Lara together and some of their best moments.

When did you know you had a found a new friend?

Lara – Jola joined the Entertainer and we had a mutual friend in common, after chatting for 10 minutes I knew we would be friends.

Jola – Pretty much instantly! It was friendship at first sight. We just naturally clicked and I felt like we had known each other for years.

When did you first hangout together?

Lara – We started to attend gym classes together and we then started training together for our 1st Triathlon with 5.30am rides at Al quadra and 6:00am swims at Black Palace beach.

Jola – I have the memory of a goldfish so I’m going to say the very first time I met Lara was at a post-work ‘function’ probably involving some grape juice!

How did training together affect your friendship?

Lara – We became motivation for each other to hit our common goals which were to get into better shape and become fitter. We then completed the triathlon together, which was a huge achievement for us both, as we didn’t have much time to train and had never done anything like it before. Through this, we developed a strong friendship!

Jola – The triathlon training strengthened our friendship as we made training part of our weekend routines and we would grab a coffee and catch up, ok gossip, after killing ourselves in classes on Friday mornings!

What things do you have in common?

Lara – We don’t get much time to spend together as work sometimes takes over and weekends get busy. We both love to travel and love hotels so we make sure we take staycations together at least twice a year. Last year we went to Muscat and last month we spent the weekend in RAK.

Jola – We’re both quite chilled out people which makes the friendship effortless and we absolutely love to travel and to party (if my mum is reading this, then it’s an occasional party…)

What’s your greatest memory with one another?

Lara – There are many! I must say though, it was when we went for a long weekend in Oman last year. We spent three nights there and completely switched off from the world. We indulged in delicious food and drinks and spent all day on the beach. It was bliss.

Jola – I’m jumping on the bandwagon and I’m going to say he Oman trip too! We had so much fun and we were so chilled out that we threw mini tantrums when we had to put shoes on to go back to the airport.

What do you love most about each other?

Lara – I love the fact that we belly laugh and have fun in any given situation.

Jola – Lara is super kind and caring and always thinking about others first and we do just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh! A lot of time, whatever we’re laughing about isn’t even that funny to begin with!

Any parting words for your new found friendship?

Lara – I am very grateful to have found such a great friend in Jola and I can thank our amazing HR team for finding this lovely lady and bringing her into the Entertainer family!

Jola – I can’t wait to have more time to hang out together, whether that be training or just hitting the old grape juice again.

Now it’s time for you to spend Friendship Day with your bestie! Why not tell us about your best friend below and don’t forget to use your ENTERTAINER when you next spend quality time together!

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