It’s always a good night out with Bahrain Cheers

Did you know that if you buy the ENTERTAINER Bahrain, you can opt to receive access to Cheers Bahrain? Cheers is a free add-on that opens a whole host of offers specifically for 2-for-1 drinks, cocktails, bottles and more. It’s a fantastic way to keep costs down on a night out!

Now we’re not saying you need to have a drink to have a good time but if you are inclined to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time We think that you’ll agree one of the best ways to end a sumptuous meal is with a nightcap and it’s always nice to catch up with friends over a good glass of wine or a cold beer.

Check out some of the amazing places you can use your Cheers Bahrain –

1664 Lounge

Found in the Asdal Gulf Inn, 1664 Lounge is a casual bar to stop off at after work or have a quick catch up with friends over some good drinks. The whole experience is of course made better knowing that you’re saving money while having a great time.

Irish Village

What’s more Irish than a pint of the black stuff? Immerse yourself in Irish culture and be transported to a quaint pub in Dublin and feel what it would be like to pop into your local pub for a drink with friends in this cosy, friendly gastropub.

Sherlock Holmes Pub

Sherlock Holmes Pub is one of Bahrain’s most popular haunts. It’s the perfect spot to wile away the hours, sip on your favourite tipple and catch up with your mates and it doesn’t hurt that you can confidently get a round without worrying about the bill, thanks to the ENTERTAINER.

Typhoon Bar

Typhoon Bar is a cool and trendy hotspot for the cool kids in town to gather. Enjoy shisha, cocktails and a great atmosphere surrounded by tropical greenery and water features. It’s a little tiki oasis that’s perfect for that long overdue catch up with friends.


McGettigan’s never fails to bring the party with its Irish craic. It’s popular with people from all walks of life and is a fail-safe option for an afternoon thirst quencher, dinner and drinks or a party that continues well into the night. Whatever it is you’re looking for, McGettigan’s has it and more.

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