World Children’s Day in Bahrain!

It’s World Children’s Day in Bahrain and even though they can be a handful at times (read that as most of the time) we wouldn’t want the world to be devoid of the playfulness and joy that children exude. We all have an inner child and it’s the younger generation that reminds us to relax once in a while and just appreciate being alive!

We figured that kids love to play right and adults don’t mind a bit of cheeky fun now and then either. So we’ve put together some of our best offers for you to enjoy with a little person in tow.

Hippie Eye -Photographers’ Hub: 50% Off Creative Workshop

Estimated Savings: BHD50
Location: Amwaj Lagoon
Our Opinion: Hippie Eye – Photographers’ Hub is Bahrain’s premier photographer’s hub designed for beginners, adults, kids and professionals alike. Join in on workshops, public talks, location shooting and photography camps that will enrich your digital photography skills and maybe even launch a new career! The staff are super-cool, friendly and above all else, extremely talented!

World Children's Day in Bahrain

Paintball Bahrain: Beginner Pack

Estimated Savings: BHD6
Location: Seef Mall
Our Opinion:Paintball Bahrain is the biggest indoor paintball arena in the Middle East and is bound to impress your older children and tire them out (which is what we’re aiming for here right?) Maybe even pull on a vest and join in, because nothing says you love your kids like shooting them with some paint pellets.

World Children's Day in Bahrain

Al Dhaen Rider Zone: Special Bicycle Rental

Estimated Savings: BHD5
Location: Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park, Hidd
Our Opinion: Go on a leisurely bike ride and get some exercise. It’s fun and good for you! Plus, it will keep the kids entertained for a few hours and you’ll get to enjoy some quality bonding time. Win-win for World Children’s Day in Bahrain.

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