Everybody deserves dessert!


When you go out for dinner, do you skip straight to the dessert section and see if there is anything that will tickle your tastebuds before you even think about picking a main course? Do you get more excited thinking about a family-sized chocolate bar than a family-sized bag of crisps? Then we’ve got a few suggestions to help you get that sugar fix and make your mouth water.

We’re big on desserts here at ENTERTAINER and when you can get two for the price of one, it seems like the natural thing to skip the mains and go straight to the good stuff. Double the sugar means double the joy!

Top & Dip Café

Buy One Get One Free Crepe or Waffle

Top & Dip is a lovely place that will make your dessert dreams come true. Try the most decadent desserts inspired by Belgian coffee shops and tuck into things like delicious waffles and freshly baked crêpes. Their jumbo-sized one-of-a-kind churros with a tasty selection of sauces will end your meal on a high note this Ramadan.

Great American Cookies

Buy One Get One Free Brownies

Gooey brownies, giant cookies, treats loaded with toppings and mind-blowing flavours – whatever you’re craving then Great American Cookies is the place for you. There isn’t much else that makes us happier than warm, freshly baked treats to give us the sugar rush we know and love at dessert time.

Johnny Custard Dessert Co.

Buy One Get One Free Pudding or Cookie Dough

When you visit Johnny Custard, we are sure that their custard covered offerings will bring a huge smile to your face. When we’re craving custard-smothered puddings, this is our go-to place and it’s a great place to grab dessert this Ramadan.

Cinnamon & Pretzels

Buy One Get One Free Cinnamon Classic Mini

Oh boy. Nothing gets us excited like a sticky, warm cinnamon roll. Top that with melted chocolate, nuts and whatever else your heart desires and you are onto a winning dessert that is hard to beat. This is not one for anyone counting calories but when you taste it, you won’t care about any kind of diet either way. You’ll be ordering another one before you know it.

Marble Slab Creamery

Buy One Get One Free Regular Size Ice Cream

Ice cream will always be the king of desserts in our opinion. With a huge selection of flavours, combinations and sizes you can’t go wrong with the icy cold goodness of frozen cream and sugar. It always hits the spot, and everybody loves it, young or old.

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