Jump On The 4th Of July Bandwagon!

4th of July is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us, this gives us all the perfect excuse to head inside (no one has time for an outdoor BBQ in this heat) and celebrate the ‘Merican way! Personally, we don’t need an excuse to stuff our faces with anything deep-fried but if you need a little encouragement we’ve found some wonderful American eateries to help you indulge and celebrate American Independence.

Street 973 Burgers: Burger Meal

Location: Isa Town
Estimated Savings: BHD2

As you might’ve guessed from the title, 973 produces some of the best burgers in town and if you feel like sticking with tradition, then a juicy burger is the perfect choice for the 4th of July. Or any time of the day or year really, we aren’t fussy when it comes to eating burgers.

Johnny Rockets: Main Course

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: BHD4

We all know by now that the Rocket is famed for its juicy burgers, fresh-cut fries and piping hot onion rings but while you are obviously munching on these American staples, we actually recommend you order yourself a shake and find some room for the apple pie as they are hidden little gems that top of your all American meal perfectly.

The Great American Bagel: Main Menu Item

Location: Multiple locations
Estimated Savings: BHD2

Grabbing a bagel for breakfast couldn’t be a more American tradition, especially in New York. So to channel your inner city dweller, grab yourself a bagel and pretend your just as cool waiting for the Metro as you would be waiting for the Subway to Manhattan.

1725 Waffle House: Main Menu Item

Location: Saar
Estimated Savings: BHD2

You can get some seriously fancy waffles at this dedicated waffle house. Their signature sweet waffle is topped with melted chocolate and hand-pulled candy floss and they have so many other options, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re feeling brave you could try one of their savoury waffle burgers; yes, they look just a weird as it sounds but gosh are they tasty!!

Wingman: Sixteen Pieces

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: BHD2

Wings! Spicy, baked, fried, smothered in sauce; these delicious bites of chicken goodness are a highlight of American cuisine in our eyes and can be eaten any time of day. Grab a couple as a snack for 4th of July to tide you over before your next foodie pit-stop on the list.

Chili’s: Main Course

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: BHD3

You haven’t been to Chili’s without eating the Chocolate Molten Cake but before you destroy this wondrous work of art you can eat like a true American with fries, potato skins, fried chicken, burgers and more.

TGI Friday’s: Main Course

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: BHD8

Amongst the more traditional American fare, you’ll also find amazing platters and nibbles including some awesome wings and a selection of wonderfully fried food for the ultimate 4th of July blowout.

Baskin Robbins: Single Emlaaq Sundae Cup

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: BHD1

Ice cream is a treat or snack, perfect morning, noon or night. It’s refreshing, satisfying and completely indulgent. We can’t resist a good ice cream and Baskin Robbins are renowned for making top notch ice cream in flavours ranging from classic to outlandish.

You can thank us later for the good eats and we hope you celebrate 4th of July in style and with full stomachs. Don’t forget to tag us! #experienceiseverything

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