Let’s party & CELEBRATE Bahrain 2020!

It’s time to CELEBRATE Bahrain because the ENTERTAINER 2020 is here!

Does anyone else feel that 2019 has been a long old journey? We can’t believe there are only just a few weeks left of this entire decade (yes, we said decade) but we’ve got the perfect pick-me-up to celebrate 2020 and welcome a new year…the launch of ENTERTAINER 2020!

You guessed it, just like we knew you clever lot would. We’re bringing you our early bird offer again so you can get 2020 and unlock 2019 offers at the same time and sign off 2019 in style. Like last year, existing members get their 2019 offers topped up as well. How cool is that?!

Why you need the ENTERTAINER 2020

Say hello to these exciting early bird offers!

  • Buy now and pay less! – Early bird means fab discounts when purchasing any 2020 product before the end of the year, meaning you only pay BHD27.5 for Bahrain 2020!
  • Free Add-on – Buy Bahrain 2020 and we’ll add Cheers Bahrain. It’s 100% complimentary.
  • Free Add-ons – Buy a Bahrain 2020 product and you’ll get Bahrain Body & Fitness offers, completely free!
  • Jaw-droppingly great merchants – you won’t want to miss TGI Friday’s, DOME Café, Hardee’s, Baskin Robbin’s & Krispy Kreme!

This year we’re all about celebrating and saving and what better way to do that by joining the cool kids and getting your hands on your favourite products early. We want to help you line your pockets with more Dinar and fill your heart with more memories and to celebrate, we’re offering you Oman 2020 at the early bird price of BHD27.5 from 22nd October for a limited time only!

What’s on offer?

This year, we’ll be offering you even more bang for your buck with extra Cheers, Body & Fitness Offers added on to your purchase when you buy Bahrain 2020. It’s the ultimate lifestyle app for savings across food, drink, activities, spas, gyms, attractions, leisure, retail and everyday services. It really is not to be missed!!

So, here are 4 quick reasons we think you should buy your Bahrain ENTERTAINER 2020 now…

  1. Price – because who doesn’t love saving some extra Dinar?
  2. FREE add-ons – we all love free things!
  3. Unlock 2019 offers or get a top-up – you can start saving straight away!
  4. New merchants – along with your old favourites we have some very exciting new offers that are ready and waiting…

Don’t put it off any longer! Buy your ENTERTAINER 2020 now for thousands of amazing 2-for-1 offers and discounts across an abundance of places. #ENTERTAINER2020

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