Delivery in Bahrain – stay home and order now!

With everything that’s going on with the world right now, we want to make your life a little bit easier. We know these are trying times and your safety is paramount to us. With social distancing and isolation playing a major role in our lives, we want you to know that we’re here to help. We’ve got heaps of offers for you – that don’t involve leaving your home. It’s time for delivery in Bahrain!

Never pay full price again!

If you own a product already, that’s fantastic, you can keep using your delivery offers as usual and make the most of that 25% Off that never, ever disappears. Plus you’ve still got your 2-for-1 offers too. Bonus!


Here are a few options to tickle your tastebuds while you are working hard at home or you know, just chilling in front of the TV.

These are just a snippet of the options though so make sure you check out the app today and see what you fancy.

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

What’s better than comfort food when stuck at home with no one to see and nowhere to go. Dairy Queen has you covered on that front with delivery in Bahrain straight to your door!

delivery in qatar


Chili’s is an all-time classic. It’s delicious, hits the spot and never fails to disappoint. Fancy some fajitas? No problem Chili’s will be there for you and after seeing this photo, we think we’ll join you.

delivery in qatar

Papa John’s

Tasty, fresh-baked pizza, coming your way! When you just don’t know what to order, pizza is always a safe bet. It’s delivery in Bahrain, at it’s finest.

delivery to the rescue

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