Things to do in Bahrain this February

How many of you managed to stick to your New Year resolutions? We’re not here to judge, but rather commiserate with you because let’s be honest – January is an awful month and we don’t understand why anyone would want to torture themselves with dry January or force yourself into a diet when there is still plenty of Christmas chocolate left to eat.

This is why we consider January a trial run. February is when the year really gets going and we want to help you forget those January blues and welcome February with open arms!

These are our top picks of things to do in Bahrain this February on the app. We hope you like ’em!

Kono Pizza: Pizza

Estimated Savings: BHD2
Location: The Dragon City Mall
Our Opinion: Kono serves pizza in a cone. That’s it. That’s the big reveal and as simple as that sounds it is so tasty! It’s awesome for the ‘gram and a very convenient way to eat pizza if we’re honest. Go and give it a go and you’ll see why it’s become so popular. It’s a cool thing to check out in Bahrain this February.

Bahrain International Circuit: Track Top Adult Adventure

Estimated Savings: BHD9
Location: Sakhir
Our Opinion: The circuit offers a wide range of racing activities both during the day and under a state-of-the-art floodlight system by night. It’s great for blowing off steam or if you are in need of something fun to do with a group of friends on the weekend.

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Culina Training Centre: Bread Series Course or Four Little Chef Weekend Classes

Estimated Savings: BHD50
Location: Tubli
Our Opinion: The Culina Training Centre is one of Bahrain’s longest-running culinary schools offering inspirational cooking, baking and pastry courses to aspiring chefs and cooking enthusiast alike. They offer classes on bread making which particularly interests us because there is no better smell than fresh bread! You can also entertain the kids on the weekend with their special Little Chef courses.

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