Can we guess your favourite Netflix show?

We doubt you’ve ever thought about the correlation between what Netflix show you choose to watch and your favourite cheat meal (does it still count as a cheat meal if you eat it every day?).

Fortunately for you, we have had a lot of time to ponder this and we’re confident we can suggest what type of Netflix show you should binge (or perhaps you already have) depending on what tickles your tastebuds.

 American Food

Netflix Choice – The Haunting of Hill House, Ozark, You

Burgers, wings, mac & cheese, fries….do all of these sound mouth-watering and irresistible? You’re an American food lover who would probably prefer everything you eat to be deep-fried and dipped in cheese. We love your DGAF attitude. The programmes that best suit you on Netflix are suspenseful, action-packed and have you staring, mid-bite, at a crazy cliff-hanger while sauce slowly drips on your jeans.

Indian Food

Netflix Choice – Peaky Blinders, Mad Men, Breaking Bad

Bold flavours and hearty dishes. Indian cuisine is for people who enjoy a feast. You like to order all your favourites, spread them out on your coffee table and go back for seconds, thirds, fourths…all night long. With a taste for spice and rich plates of food, you make Netflix choices to match. You live for deep character development, plot twists and a little bit of swag in your TV show of choice.


Netflix Choice – Queer Eye, Sex Education, Santa Clarita Diet

Just like your food order, you like something sweet to watch while eating it. You’re the kind of person who orders a dozen doughnuts when you really only wanted one. In today’s world, ordering yourself a treat has become the norm; from getting your Starbucks delivered in the morning to boxes of cookies and whole ice cream cakes. While you’re excitedly waiting for your spontaneous order of bubble tea, you’ll be flicking through Netflix, looking for some light-hearted entertainment. Anything easy-going with feel-good vibes and light humour is perfect viewing in your book.

Comfort Food

Netflix Choice Afterlife, Derry Girls, Tiny House Nation

Blankets, throw pillows and PJs are staples when it comes time to watch TV in your house. Food is life for you and overflowing plates of home comforts are your go-to. We’re thinking whole grilled chickens with every side imaginable. Cheese bread, wraps, sandwiches…anything with a large helping of carbs, basically. Once surrounded by your food of dreams, you’ll be in search of shows that make you feel warm and fuzzy. If it can make you go ‘awww’ and snort with laughter while wiping away a tear in the same breath, it’s a winner.

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Italian Food

Netflix Choice – Grace & Frankie, The Crown, Atypical

Italian food has a certain kind of class about it. It’s comforting and homely but it’s also just that little bit fancy. Tucking into a dish of tagliatelle, fettucini or thin-crust Bufalina pizza has an air about it that screams sophistication. While you’re reading your Kindle and patiently waiting for your order to arrive, you’ll be multi-tasking and thinking ahead to your evening entertainment. Shows that are high-brow, educational and stylish are your TV poison.

Asian Food

Netflix Choice – The End of the F***ing World, Russian Doll, Money Heist

You’re all about flavour and trying new things. Asian cuisine is an eclectic rabbit hole of dishes and tastes. You can get bored easily so the vast amount of choice in Asian cooking keeps you on your toes. It’s fast, packs a punch and it’s oh so convenient. Just the way you like it. It makes sense then that the perfect Netflix show to accompany your food choice would be of the quirky variety. Cult classics, dark humour and edgy subject matter are all in your wheelhouse.

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