Watching The World Cup In Bahrain: A Guide

The World Cup. It’s been in the news for months, your friends have been talking non-stop about Russia, their favourite players, organising parties and day-dreaming about their home country walking away as the World Cup Champions. It’s all very exciting and even if you aren’t a massive football fan, the World Cup is a fabulous excuse to grab some friends and make the most of the awesome deals going on around town with every bar and pub offering discounts and promotions specifically for….you guessed it, the World Cup!

Waikiki Kitchen: Main Course

Location: Elite Crystal Hotel
Estimated Savings: BHD6

For a Polynesian vibe and awesome seafood, grab your mates and watch the big game at this tropical venue!

The Harvesters Pub & Terrace: Main Course

Location: Crowne Plaza Bahrain
Estimated Savings: BHD6

The outdoor terrace at this British style pub is a popular spot for big groups so get their early to bag a decent seat to catch the next match.

Cafe Arabica: Main Menu Item

Location: Amwaj Island
Estimated Savings: BHD5

Amwaj Island is always a pleasure to visit and what better reason to find yourself there than to watch a World Cup game in beautiful surroundings and company.

Hadoota Masreya: Main Course

Location: Amwaj Island
Estimated Savings: BHD4

Another spot in the ideal location that is Amwaj Island. You’ll get exceptional Egyptian food combined with world-class sporting action at this popular eatery which sounds pretty great to us, so be sure to save us a seat!

Bushido: Teppan Main Course

Location: Seef
Estimated Savings: BHD12

This Japanese favourite is a serious hit with expats and locals alike so be sure to book before turning up, ready to cheer on your team, wearing your best supporters shirt.

Gallery Cafe: Main Course

Location: Adliya
Estimated Savings: BHD8

We love the decor in this place and the food is top notch. It strikes us a cosy place to watch some football and they create masterpieces on the plate that you’ll feel heartbroken to destroy but, destroy you must.

May the best team win! Don’t forget to tag us where ever you go!

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